What is included?

All of our incorporation packages include a minimum of one hour meeting with one of our corporate lawyers to discuss options for properly structuring your business.  Our lawyers are available to meet you in our offices or via teleconference.

For every incorporation we will:

         a.)  Conduct a NUANS prescreen search (for every named corporation) and advise you of any conflicts with respect to your proposed name;

         b.)  Provide you with your NUANS Report, which includes a 90-day reservation of your name;

         c.)  Prepare your Articles of Incorporation;

         d.)  Prepare your initial Directors’ and Shareholders’ Resolutions, including the election of directors and officers, and the issuance of shares;

         e.)  Prepare your corporate by-laws which outline the powers and obligations of directors and officers;

         f.)  Outline your proper procedures for meetings of the shareholders and directors, required notice obligations, and the determination of your corporation’s fiscal year end;

         g.)  Issue your share certificates per your instructions; and

         h.)  Prepare your shareholder ledgers for each shareholder.

How much do we charge?

Legal Costs:

  • Federal/Provincial Numbered Corporation: $800 plus disbursements and HST
  • Federal/Provincial Named Corporation: $850 plus disbursements and HST


  • Federal Corporation: From $225.00 – $250.00
  • Provincial Corporation:  From $385.00 – $405.00
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